Realtime analytics for publishers

GetStat makes it easy for publishers and marketers to analyze traffic. Focus on the result and quickly react to changes in the market.

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We analyze millions of requests from our clients every day

Control your traffic sources in seconds without sampling. Select the necessary traffic with the help of many data filters.

You can filter traffic data by next filters: session source, hit source, page url, landing page, category (tag), country, city, device type, platform, operation system, browser or bot indicator.

Content monitoring, which is rapidly gaining popularity. Traffic analysis depending on content attributes - length, number of images, etc. and how each of the sources reacts to their change.

trends and attributes analyze
Content attributes for analyze: title length, content length (count chars or words), meta title or description, count images in content.

Simple team work. Share data by email and set the necessary permissions for each project.

users and permissions
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